Inside Day Plus

Stock Signals - Inside Day "Plus"

The table above contains symbols (if any) for stocks that are forming an inside day, with a special set of filters applied. The specific conditions for the stock screen are "All stocks, inside day, near 52-week high, avg vol >= 1M, RS rank >= 60, sorted by vol / XMAV50, limit 20 results".

We call this an Inside Day Plus, or IDP. The symbols are sorted by the volume surge above the 50-period exponential moving average, which shows us the most intense ones right off the bat. The filter and sort parameters are designed to bring forth the key inside days on the large, high-RS ranking stocks.

If the table is empty, that means there aren't any stocks putting out signals at the moment.

Chart Settings

Click on a symbol to pop-up a chart. The symbols are (every 30 minutes) and are subject to change, so check back often.

The header block shows the stock name, symbol, date, open, high, low, close, volume, and price change, followed by the earnings per share rank, relative strength rank, accumulation-distribution percentage, market cap, average volume, and percentage the current price is from the all-time high.

The relative strength rank is plotted as an indicator in a window at the top, in black, and below that is the price chart, in candlestick format. The 50-day and 200-day eXponential Moving Averages (XMAs) of price overlay the candlesticks in blue and red, respectively. The volume histogram bars are plotted under the price bars, logarithmically-scaled, with the 17-day XMA of volume overlayed in blue

Each of the Stock Signals pages feature pop-up charts with the signals applied as brightly colored candlesticks against a default grey. This particular page is the Inside Day Plus signal page, and the signals are shown in bluish-green.

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